Membership fees:-
  • £15 Single membership
  • £25 Joint membership* (2 cars & drivers living at the same address)
Payment details:- Pay by Cash, Card or Directly into Club Bank Account, either way an email will be sent as confirmation of receipt. 

All memberships will run for the duration of 12 months, a renewal email will be sent 1st of the renewal month.

Membership includes:-
  • Reduced rate show & event tickets.
  • Reduced rate club merchandise.
  • Free club organised runs.
  • Free welcome pack includes South East Mini Club stickers, special Mini key ring/shopping trolley coin.
  • Free monthly newsletter. (12 off).
  • Club discount with Adrian Flux Insurance.
  • Club shopping discount with Mini Spares
*Please note for Joint membership, you will need to sign up twice, once for each member joining, selecting “JOINT” for both under "Membership Type".
* indicates required
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